Meet your instructor

I’m Sharon Wagner of Swail Studio, and I’m a brand designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I have 10 years of experience working at agencies of all sizes, as well as working directly with countless entrepreneurs.

I have been told that I have “the eye” for art direction and branding. Throughout my freelance career I have had multiple creative directors call me back again and again for branding projects, because I have a special knack for being able to look at their research, mood board, and where they want to take it... and just GET IT. Which saves them a lot of time, stress, and money.

They know that what I design for them will just work. And I use the process I’m teaching in Lightning Path to do it. 

Lightning Path is my distillation of what goes into that “eye” for creative direction — into a usable, actionable set of tools and tricks I have developed over years of experience designing brands.

I can’t give you my “ten thousand hours to mastery” in just six weeks — but I can set you up with a few shortcuts!