Hold up... you thought this was a course about brand design. 

What did that weird pep talk have to do with branding? 


We dress ourselves to express who we are.
How we “dress” our businesses expresses what they are. 

We get a JOLT of confidence when we walk out of a salon — whether we chopped off inches of hair, or just got a blowout. 

Our business gets that same boost when we nurture its image, too... and we get excited to show up for it. 

When our relationship is right with our creativity, we lose hours in the bliss of our flow-state — and aren’t afraid to move through the challenges. 

When we bring that same flow-state into creating for our business — we can bust perfectionism and analysis paralysis, and strengthen our resolve to create, share, and serve our biggest visions.  

Your visual brand is the tool that can make or break the confidence, energy, excitement, and momentum you bring to your business.

People don’t just see it — they feel it. 

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