Lightning Path is a course in visual branding as a direct connection from imagination to manifestation. 

Many of us don’t start working on our brand until we see another brand that inspires us — an “aspirational” brand that we love and resonate with. 

Then, we’ll try to hack it for ourselves. We try to figure out what our “version” of this other brand is...

...when we really need to be looking internally in order to find our own unique expression that works for us, not for anyone else. 

In Lighting Path, we’ll build your brand from the inside — from your own values, intuition, and taste — instead of looking outside of yourself for answers. 

In the agency world, when you want to create a brand, it takes lengthy strategy sessions and months of research, often employing prescriptive color psychology and reductive data analysis. 

So, I developed an approach that focused on using my own taste, intuition, and nuance to build brands that are deeper, more grounded, and more unique than anything else out there.  

Lightning Path is more practical than any class I took for my degree, or any workflow I learned in an agency.

It’s also built to be executed on your own, with minimal assistance. You don’t need a team of specialists or months of research to “discover” your visual brand.

Once you have your brand together, designing all of your materials — website, social media, emails, and every other piece of your brand universe — goes much faster and more smoothly.