You might be thinking...

I’m already exhausted with DIYing my brand and design work... I’m not sure if I can stand spending even MORE time on it in this course! 

I’m willing to bet that the reason you are overwhelmed is because you don’t have a well-defined brand that really feels like YOURS and makes you EXCITED to work with it in the first place! While it will take some work upfront to develop your brand, I guarantee that it will make your life easier even sooner than you expect. Think about it like painting a room. You DO have to pick the color, move the furniture, spend a day covered in paint... but then you get to enjoy the RESULTS for years to come. A past participant said they only spent about 1 hour per week on the course assignments... and had great results!

Emily said: “It was the worst possible time for me to do the program because of everything going in my life… but it isn’t that much work! Less work than I expected it to be, easier, more joyful. I don’t like graphic design very much — maybe other people relate. But now I don’t question myself all the time, and I don’t hate it. I know what the aesthetic is. And it makes it so much easier to sit down and make a post, or write an email. It makes more sense and I feel really grateful for that.” 

I’m at a weird place in my business... will it be “worth it” to work on my brand during uncertain times?

Due to the uniquely intuitive nature of this process, not being clear on exactly what your business is doing or where it’s going is the perfect place to start exploring your visual brand. The depth of this process makes it the perfect container to explore the full spectrum of what your business encompasses, its shadows and limits, goals and purpose, and reconnect with the source of WHY you’re doing and sharing this work in the first place. Join us and let’s go spelunking. 

Do I need to have an established business?

You’ll need to come prepared with a business to brand — doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business or your experience, as long as you have a grasp on your audience, offerings, values, and goals. Personal brands are welcome too.

What’s the time committment?

You can expect to spend about 1–3 hours per week for best results. The live calls will vary from 30–60 minutes each, every other week. A past participant said they only spent about 1 hour per week on the course assignments... and had great results!

Do I need to know software?

Yes. Bonus worksheets and templates will be offered in Canva and Adobe Suite. Keep in mind that this course will not cover how to use software (with the exception of a few tricks pertaining to what we’re doing specifically).

I’m already a designer, is this for me?

This course is perfect for any designer interested in expanding their branding skillset. If you do have experience in brand design, but get fed up with long timelines and analytical processes, I highly encourage you to come with an open mind and see how it can be adapted to your own practice. If you want to learn to use this method for your client work as a designer, or use it to coach your clients on their branding, extra instruction through additional 1:1 sessions at the Mentorship Level is highly recommended.