WEEK 1: orientation call

week 2: Look & Feel
The key to developing a brand quickly is creating a mood board that effectively guides your brand from its feeling — not aesthetic.

WEEK 3: —

week 4: color & accents
The nitty gritty of how to create color palettes, find and test fonts, and make sure it all actually works together before you launch it.

WEEK 5: —

WEEK 6: q&a

WEEK 7: —

Week 8: Typography & Mockups

WEEK 9: —

week 10: brand guidelines
Set up the foundation you need to easily maintain your brand with easy-to-follow guidelines, templates, and ways to organize your assets for easy access that ensure you never have to “start from scratch” on your graphics again. 

WEEK 11: —

WEEK 12: Q&A 

You can also upgrade to the Mentorship Level of Lightning Path to receive 3 extra 1:1 sessions — perfect for designers & coaches who want to use this method with your own clients, or if you know you’ll need extra support with tech and other details.