Enter the

Mood Board Mysteries

An initiation into intuitive
brand design


Here’s the secret to simplifing and energizing your design work, creative process, and  business...

This intuitive process lays the foundation you need to design visuals that make people feel something — which people crave and remember in the intangible world of online business.

Most of us know mood boards as a fun, inspiring pastime (or procrastination activity?) that doesn't necessarily get us anywhere with the design work we're trying to get excited about.

If you’re just collecting pretty pictures, they won’t magically turn into a focused, consistent, beautiful and true-to-you brand. 

But, when crafted strategically and with intention, they can be a north star for your brand for years to come. 

MEet Your Guide...

Sharon Wagner is the visual brand creator, excavator of buried expression, and initiator into clarity/consistency/ease of design behind Swail Studio.

After 10 years in the branding and advertising industry (and embracing witchcraft), her expertise shifted from "making things look expensive" to "mirroring someone's life purpose back to them in a logo."

Now, her work has the power to reveal and express the deepest, truest self — to allow entrepreneurs to finally show up and be seen with full clarity, consistency, and ease.

Her approach is new, intuitive, and visceral - rooted in feeling, not just conversion rates. Because when a brand comes from the core, it can’t help but stand out. The rough edges that “traditional” designers would hide become the beacon that calls in the most aligned clients.

Swail Studio was formed to lead intuitive entrepreneurs through transmuting the raw, messy, unfiltered essence of their businesses into their most powerful, visible assets. She creates done-for-you visual brands, and offers workshops and courses to guide business owners through building and maintaining their own brands.

What if a simple 10-image mood board could make every design choice so easy, it’s obvious?

What if it could make sharing your work faster, easier, fulfilling and exciting?