“It’s deeper than just a design course. Yes, it’s the end goal, to get your own unique visual brand — but there’s so much extra mindset work that goes into it.

Understanding yourself, and understanding the spirit that is your business, and being able to see that come through in a different voice. I tend to either speak or write, and now I’m able to visually communicate all of the thoughts and feelings that I’m trying to evoke for my clients and my students, in a way that finally resonates.

And it’s really the first time I've been able to look at what I’ve made for my own business, and say, I love this.

It really energized me to put my voice back out there in a way that goes visually with my writing style, showcasing the personality you get when you come work with me! Being able to communicate it visually without explicitly saying, this is what my program is like, this is what it’s like to get a reading from me, being able to have those unspoken cues brings it to a whole other level.”

— Rachelle Reinking