Clarify your visual brand in ten minutes — if you’re not afraid to get a little woo

VISUALIZE is a free guided meditation designed to help you envision a deeply powerful and unique brand. 

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Have trouble figuring out what your brand looks like? This one's for you.

If you’re here, you probably have great taste, but  haven’t figured out how to translate it into Your Brand™.

You may have fallen into one or all of these brand design traps: 

  • Sinking hours into researching color theory and symbolism, but the “logical solution” doesn’t feel right.

  • Obsessing over another brand that has the exact look & feel you’re going for, but you can’t — and don’t want to — copy it. 

  • Giving up and grabbing the most acceptable Canva template, getting sick of it, and grabbing a new one in a month. 

  • Deciding you’re too picky and weird for your own good, so you settle for a color palette and fonts that do the job but are still just meh

...And since you’re not confident in Your Brand, you relentlessly nitpick and over-complicate the design until it’s no longer clear for your clients.

Fortunately, a great brand doesn’t come from hours of research, comparison, or even professional advice.

It comes from tapping into the reason you got into business in the first place: the vision you want to share with the world


  • Allowing your brand to naturally arise from deep within yourself, and never having to doubt its truth. 

  • Knowing exactly how your audience wants to feel, and being able to deliver without words.

  • Not needing to re-think your design assets with each new product, offering, ad, post, and on...

  • Knowing that your clients will always walk away with a clear, memorable, and accurate impression of your business and values — and never worrying about whether or not your brand is “aligned” for your business or clients again.

Ok, how do I get there?

Some of you may recall an exercise I've shared with you, or have heard me speak about in podcast interviews... 

Imagine your business as a place. What is its ideal location? An office? A cafe? A cave? Another planet? What are the colors, textures, sounds, sensations that your audience experiences while working with you?

When I describe it to clients, they often *gasp* as they finally GET their brand — and how the way it feels CAN directly translate into how it looks.

Now, you can focus and expand that aha moment through a gentle guided meditation, drawing out the sensory information you need to create a deeply meaningful and impactful visual brand.

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